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Do you offer tracking?

My products are currently sent without tracking included as tracking for postage is horrendously expensive. I am currently pricing and adding the option for tracking inside and outside Australia.

How much of your product is Australian made?

All my products are designed and manufactured by me in my home workshop in country Victoria. As much as possible I use Australian made materials.  

Can I add a custom design to my purchase?

Sure can. If you want to add text or a logo to a product contact and we can discuss it.

Do you offer prize support to gaming events?

Whether you would like prize support or maybe something a bit more special like custom counters, email me and we can discuss the best option for your event. 

What's the best way to keep up to date with you and your products?

Currently the best way is through my Facebook page. I regularly post updates, WIP pics, new products and other interesting news.