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Multi-bases for 15mm scale


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  • Image of Multi-bases for 15mm scale

Do you like a beautiful scenic bases? But also like to remove miniatures during play? LaserCast's multi-bases allow you to do both!

All multi-bases come with the required number of separate 12mm round or 12x24mm pill bases, either to mount miniatures on or fill unneeded slots. Designed with 15mm scale miniatures in mind.

Our multi-bases come in many sizes:
Large Artillery; 57 high x 57/44mm wide with slots for six removable miniatures OR 57mm round with slots for eight removable miniatures. Designed for large artillery pieces with extra room to accommodate walls/embankments.

Medium Artillery; 40mm square with slots for four miniatures OR 47mm round with slots for six miniatures. Plenty of room for a medium sized weapon and space for scenic elements.

Man-packed; 40mm side length triangle with slots for three miniatures OR 37mm round with slots for three miniatures. Ideally suited to man-packed weapon teams. The triangular shape makes it easy to fit the team hard up against terrain while the round base has extra room for scenic. Perfect for mortars, machineguns or Roman scorpions.

Small pill team; 35x33mm square OR 35mm round with slots for two 12x24mm pill bases. Perfect for prone weapon teams or cavalry command teams.

Odd small team; 35x33mm square OR 35mm round with slots for one 12x24mm pill base and one 12mm round base. Ideal for weapon teams where one crew member is prone while the other is kneeling. Also suits a mounted model with a foot attendant.

Small team: 36x21mm OR 31mm round with slots for two miniatures. Designed for two-man teams like snipers, bazookas or command squads.

Laser cut from high grade, formaldehyde free bamboo plywood. Unlike MDF its non-toxic. Material could be dark or light coloured depending on availability.

Priced in AUD.
Multi-bases come assembled.

Designed and made in my home workshop in Bendigo, Australia.

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