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Numbered counters


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All table top games have one thing in common: things to keep track of. Wounds, strength, moral, pins, victory points etc... if your toy soldiers want to have stern words with other toy soldiers theres always some numbers to keep track of. But how? Tracking die can be rolled by accident, chits of paper can get lost and don't even THINK about relying on memory! With cavalry on the flanks, deep strikers to the rear and shield-walls to the front who can be relied upon to keep all those numbers straight?

The answer? Counters. Handy, dandy resin counters. Paint them in your armies colours, base them to match your force or leave them plain to go with anything.

25mm round with raised numbers.
Cast out of white resin.
Sold in sets, numbers 1 through 6.
Comes four fonts styles (From top to bottom); Military stencil.
Gothic script.
Sci-fi circuits.
Steampunk horror.

For information on working with resin castings please see the FAQ page.

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