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Close order cavalry trays


Image of Close order cavalry trays

Close order movement trays are perfect for moving units around the tabletop quickly and easily. These trays where designed for massed cavalry groups; from ancient Numidian cavalry and medieval knights through to the American civil war raiders.
Using a mix of different trays can be useful if you would like to increase/ decrease ranks and change formation mid game.

Our close order cavalry trays all use 25.4x50.8mm (1x2") pill bases, these are the same sizes that Warlord games, Perry miniatures and Renedra use. The gap between the bases is 5mm (13/64th).

After bases of a different size or shape? Email me before ordering and I can help you. Minor tweaks are no problem for LaserCast!

Priced in AUD.
Trays come assembled and with enough bases to fill them.

Designed and made in my home workshop in Bendigo, Australia.
Laser cut from high grade, formaldehyde free bamboo plywood. Unlike MDF its non-toxic. Material could be dark or light coloured depending on availability.

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